1. Rangeland Expansion

CIVA is facilitating an agreement between Ven-Africa Private Game Reserve and neighboring landowners to drop the boundary fenceline. This will initially create over 12 000 hectares of wilderness with plans for further expansion adding thousands of hectares more.

Our current Rangeland Expansion Projects include:

Game Fence Upgrade and Electrification

It is essential that the game fence surrounding Ven-Africa (currently not Big Five) be strengthened and electrified to specified standards. This will protect the people and livestock of the neighboring community from predators, as well as keep wildlife within the reserve sanctuary.

Re-introduction of Elephants

After centuries of agricultural use for cattle, we have been in an intensive re-wilding process for the past 6 years and the land is now suitable for the reintroduction of elephants.

Anti-poaching Unit

A crucial part in developing a Big Five game reserve, is a world-class Anti-Poaching Unit (APU). With elephant and rhino on a reserve, an APU is up against fully financed and organized crime syndicates. It is critical to prepare and train rangers to contend with the high level of threat.

2. Zulu Community Water Project

About this project

Within a 500 hectare designated and fenced area of the reserve, resides the Ven-Africa Zulu community of approximately 150 men, women and children. The community are a crucial part of the reserve, not only providing much-needed labor and skills but also as key allies in conservation efforts. They hold an intimate history and knowledge of the landscape and bring a cultural richness to the reserve.

Due to the wave of droughts experienced in recent years (with further droughts predicted), the community’s access to water has become difficult; requiring walking long distances in mountainous terrain.