Zulu Community Water Project

Within a 500 hectare designated and fenced area of the reserve, resides the Ven-Africa Zulu community of approximately 150 men, women and children. The community are a crucial part of the reserve, not only providing much-needed labor and skills but also as key allies in conservation efforts. They hold an intimate history and knowledge of the landscape and bring a cultural richness to the reserve.

Due to the wave of droughts experienced in recent years (with further droughts predicted), the community’s access to water has become difficult; requiring walking long distances in mountainous terrain.

The availability of potable water at the community homesteads would drastically improve quality of life, in the form of improved sanitation, irrigation for community gardens and aid in fire prevention.

Furthermore, with engineered water infrastructure, natural water resources would no longer be directly used by community members for washing and bathing. The tributary streams, springs and waterways of the Mkhuze River would be cleared of detergents, oils, chemicals and litter.

To establish water supply and reticulation to the community, we require support as follows -

– Purchase of fencing material – valued at R8 800 / USD 650

– Restoration of a ram pump, or purchase of a solar-powered pump – valued at R27 500 / USD 2 040 

– Drilling of the borehole – R77 000 / USD 5 700 

– Construction of a pipeline – valued at R206 000 / USD 15 260

Our goal is to raise: R320 000 / USD 23 700